High quality Peruvian fabrics, modern and timeless designs, conscious entrepreneurship and sensible production practices – those are the founding principles behind Millma Knitwear. “Millma” means wool in Quechua, the native language of Peru, in honor of the Peruvian fabrics and Peruvian crafts-men and -women who helped bring this idea to a reality. We believe in the quality of Peruvian fabrics, particularly alpaca, with the goal of making it more available worldwide.


We started Millma Knitwear with the vision of creating modern and timeless pieces using sustainable and sensible production practices.

Amra grew up in Bosnia and moved to the United States at a young age. Married to a Peruvian, Amra has been frequently visiting Peru for over a decade, where she came to appreciate the unique properties of alpaca wool. With a passion for animal welfare and environmental sustainability, Amra wanted to develop and bring to life alpaca wool that speaks to the modern woman, both in fashion and production transparency.

Mariana grew up in Peru and moved to the United States before middle school. Since she was young, she was intrigued by fashion and working in the industry had always been a dream of hers. Having known about the properties of alpaca wool for many years, she was drawn to the idea of bringing this material and Peruvian craftmanship to the world. Mariana wanted to build a modern knitwear line founded on the principles of slow fashion, appreciation to craftmanship, and rooted in sustainability. After all, sweaters have always been her favorite clothing item.